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Brayovic Super-Recognizer Analysis “Older Sister”

Introduction to the latest Facial Recognizer report – by Dr. Peter Chojnowski, Founder of Sister Lucy Truth


Super Facial Recognizer Identifies Woman Presented as an “Older Sister” of Sister Lucia dos Santos as a Fraud.

Three years ago, when she identified as an imposter the woman who was put before the world from 1967 on as “Sister Lucy dos Santos of Fatima”, Dragica Brayovic, one of the foremost expert super facial recognizers in the world, was recently presented with a Portuguese documentary done in 1990 called “A Irma Lucia — RTP,” in which a woman is identified as an “older sister” of Sister Lucia dos Santos of Fatima. The woman in the video, the video is in black and white with the date of its filming unknown, after being identified generically as an “older sister” of Lucia, goes on to speak of “My sister” and the life of the Santos family when Lucia was a very young child, before the apparitions in 1917.

To present some background here, there were 6 siblings of Lucia in total, Maria dos Anjos (1891–1986), Teresa de Jesus Rosa dos Santos, Manuel Rosa dos Santos (1895-1977)(her only brother), Glória de Jesus Rosa dos Santos (1898–1971), Carolina de Jesus Rosa dos Santos (1902–1992), Maria Rosa (died at birth). Since we have pictures of all of the 4 sisters of the real Sister Lucia of Fatima who survived infancy, the woman being interviewed should be clearly recognizable as one of the 4 sisters, even though her name was not given in the documentary. Her name not being given is itself strange. Her account of the pre-apparition Lucia is very general and lacking in any kind of specificity of memory that should characterize an older sister’s recollection of life with a younger sibling, since both lived in the same household.  She later says that she sent one of her daughters to the same Carmelite convent that Sister Lucia was in, but she is then very insistent that she knows nothing of their life in the convent.

Suspecting that something was wrong with this documentary’s identification and presentation, we gathered pictures of the sisters of Sister Lucia of Fatima, even one of them all together which was taken in the late 1960s, and presented them, along with the video, to Ms. Brayovic for her professional facial analysis. In order to cover all of the possibilities present in what seemed like a fraudulent depiction, we asked Ms. Brayovic if this woman being presented as an “older sister” of Sister Lucia was actually Sister Lucy II in lay clothing. Sister Lucy II, as Ms. Brayovic had already identified in a report 3 years ago, was the woman who replaced the authentic pre-1967 Sister Lucy from 1967 to 2005.

The Super facial recognition analysis produced a clear result. The woman portrayed as an “older sister” of Sister Lucy dos Santos was NEITHER a sister of the real Sister Lucy NOR was she the IMPOSTER SISTER LUCY II. The documentary was presenting a fraud and an imposter.

For Sister Lucy Truth, this documentary and this expert analysis presents many questions. Why would such a professional documentary present a woman as an “older sister” who was not an actual older sister to the Seer of Fatima? Why present a woman who had no connection to the real immediate Santos family as if she DID have such a connection? Why does this woman, who is not a real sister, bear such a resemblance to the Imposter Sister Lucy. Were various family members of the now identified imposter used as part of the elaborate deception?

Again, Sister Lucy Truth received a report from an individual with the highest professional credentials in her relatively new field. Ms. Brayovic came up with a result that was not expected by Sister Lucy Truth and one which only adds to the entire mystery of the Fatima Crime.


Sister Lucy Truth commissioned the exceptional facial recognition abilities of Ms. Dragica Brayovic, a facial “super-recognizer,” whose capacity to process and analyze facial identities and features is above average. Ms. Brayovic is currently involved in the cutting-edge research on super-recognizers, conducted by Dr. David White at UNSW Sydney.

From Dr. Chojnowski

Questions we would like answered: 
1) Is Subject 1, portrayed in the video as an “older sister” of Lucy, actually the Substitute Sister Lucy II?
2) Is Subject 1, any of the sisters of Lucia dos Santos, as these are comprehensively portrayed in the picture below.
Subject 1– “Older Sister”



Picture #1: Subject 1. Unknown date. From 1990 documentary.
Picture #2: Known Older Sisters of Sister Lucy dos Santos: Teresa, Maria dos Anjos, Carolina and Glória. Picture taken in the late 1960s.
Picture #3: Sister Lucy II. Woman identified as a substitute for the original Sister Lucy in previous report on this question.
Here is the relevant section of the video portraying Subject 1.  Here and Here English Translations coming soon.
Additional Images that were analyzed

Conclusion-Based upon my extensive review I can determine the following:
• Subject 1, who is portrayed in the video as an “older sister” is not the
Substitute Sister Lucy II.
• “Subject 1 is not a sister of Lucia dos Santos as portrayed in the image
Facial Recognition Analysis by Dragica Brayovic

Click here to access the Super-Recognizer Analysis and Report

What is a Super-Recognizer?

Super-recognizers (SRs) are individuals who are extremely proficient at processing facial identity.

— “Super-Recognizers: From the Lab to the World and Back Again” (2019), British Journal of Psychology 


Our discovery of super-recognizers demonstrates that people can not only be much worse than average at face recognition (as in developmental prosopagnosia), but also much better than average.

— “Super-Recognizers: People with Extraordinary Face Recognition Ability” (2009), Psychonomic Bulletin & Review