A Problem that Demands an Explanation

The life of Sr. Lucy and the catastrophic changes in the Church over the course of the 20th century give rise to a problem that demands an explanation.

1. How do we account for the dramatic changes in Sr. Lucy’s behavior, in her appearance, and even in her handwriting after 1967?

2. How do we account for the behavior of the Vatican and Church hierarchy remaining completely silent on the Third Secret for 40 years and clearly promoting a campaign of silence and propaganda to create an entirely new understanding of Fatima, one that waters it down into insignificance?

3. How do we account for Sr. Lucy’s complete support of this propaganda as well as her requests for complete and blind submission to the Popes after Vatican II when before 1960 she did not hesitate to repeat how the Popes had failed to heed to Our Lady’s requests and how displeasing this was to Our Lord, Our Lady, and herself?

What you will discover in these pages is the most reasonable explanation for every question above, namely, that the original seer of Fatima, Sr. Lucia, was replaced by an entirely different person, resembling her and acting in her name. Does the forensic evidence suggest this? Overwhelmingly yes. Our purpose is to hire the top scientific, medical, and forensic professionals to analyze and evaluate this evidence to come to the truth of Sr. Lucy’s identity and ultimately to discover what happened to the seer of Fatima.