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Announcement from Sister Lucy Truth concerning the “Consecration of Russia” planned by Francis I on March 25, 2022:
It is not the mission of Sister Lucy Truth to make a judgment on the Consecration of Russia as was asked for in 1917 and 1929. Our mission is to investigate the life and identity of Sister Lucy dos Santos of Fatima. This mission has been expanded now that we have conclusive proof that the woman who appeared with Paul VI on May 13, 1967 was not actually Sister Lucy of Fatima, but an imposter. This proof has caused us to widen our investigation into an attempt to investigate the disappearance of the real Sister Lucy herself and the identity of the imposter.

Vatican’s statement about the “Consecration of Russia” is an Implicit Official Recognition that the woman who claimed that “The Consecration was done,” was an imposter and liar. This is as close as the Vatican has come to recognizing the truth of what Sister Lucy Truth has found.

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