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News Item – 11/2/2023 – New video – ‘Sister Lucy Truth’ may have found the city where the Imposter Lucy is from. Click HERE to watch video.


News Item – 10/25/2023 New video- Interviewing the Imposter – Here

An analysis of an EWTN Interview. Dr. Chojnowski takes apart this interview of the Impostor Lucy. Some of his comments- That Zugibe should admit, that right after Evaristo interviewed “Sister Lucy,” he was so convinced that he had met an imposter that he actually went to the Portuguese police to ask if they had investigated this, indicates clearly that the fraud was more than evident to him at this time. That the police should send him right to Zugibe to “solve” a problem that no one took as a problem at that time, shows that there was and is, a network of coverup that seeks to silence word of what has become increasingly obvious. Evaristo saw and cried “fraud,” likewise, we see — and prove — and cry “fraud.” Is this “dishonest”?

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News Item – 10/19/2023 – New video from Sister Lucy Truth Productions – Viewer Discretion advised.

To play, click on “Lucy’s Enemies” image below-

News Item – 10/16/2023 – See the video from Poland that covers the Fatima Investigation and the work of Dr. Chojnowski – This video is in Polish only.

From the True Crime Podcast.
Po dekadzie izolacji siostra Łucja z Fatimy wróciła odmieniona. Naukowcy: to nie złudzenie!

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News Item  – 10/2/2023 Dr. Peter Chojnowski is featured in an Interview with “Under The Mantle” Magazine from Scotland: Here

October is dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary, a month hallowed by the Miracle of the Sun by Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima. What better month to feature the work of the tireless Dr. Peter Chojnowski of Sister Lucy Truth laboring to expose the great imposture of post-Vatican II Fatima.

We are immensely grateful to him for granting us this interview.

News Item 9/8/23 – One of the last known interviews of the True Seer of Fatima, from August 1950. Featuring a running Commentary from Dr. Peter Chojnowski, the director of Sister Lucy Truth.  The interview answers many questions about the Brown Scapular and Our Lady’s requests.

Watch video HERE

News Item 6/23/2023 – Dr. Marian Horvat reviews the Professor Bezerra Anatomical Forensic Art Report

View on site HERE

Update – New forensic art report by Carlos Bezerra 

Carlos Bezerra Forensic Art

News Update- 5-17-23 – How was the Fatima Rosary Prayer so mistranslated?

Portuguese Language Friends of Sister Lucy Truth have uncovered the research that discovered the
correct and original text of the “Oh my Jesus” prayer, that was meant to be placed at the end of each
decade of the rosary.

We begin our Guest Writers Page with a Post from Arkadiusz Niewolski on the Profound Impact that the Sister Lucy Truth Investigation has had and MUST HAVE on Poland.

The Lifesite interview with Dr. Chojnowski and John-Henry Westen is HERE

This account comes from Mark FellowsFatima in Twilight (Niagara Falls: Marmion Publications, 2003), pp. 48-49.
“Lucy had been transferred to the Dorothean novitiate at Tuy, a town on the northernmost border of Portugal and Spain in 1926. Two years later she made her first vows. The following summer, Thursday, June 13, 1929…Lucy was observing a holy hour in the chapel. Sometime between 11pm and midnight she knelt prostrate by the communion rails [think here of how the Fake Sister Lucy received communion from John Paul II at Fatima in 2000), and repeated the prayers the Angel of Peace taught her. Lucia recalls: ‘Suddenly the whole chapel was illumined by a supernatural light, and above the altar appeared a cross of light, leading to the ceiling. In a brighter light on the upper part of the cross, could be seen the face of a man and His body as far as the waist. Upon His breast was a dove of light. Nailed to the cross the body of another man. A little below the waist I could see a Chalice and a large Host suspended in the air, onto which drops of Blood were falling from the face of Jesus crucified and from the wound in His side. These drops ran down onto the Host and fell into the Chalice. Beneath the right arm of the cross was Our Lady, and in Her hand was Her Immaculate Heart. It was Our Lady of Fatima, with Her Immaculate Heart in Her left hand, without sword or roses, but with a crown of thorns and flames [in other words, “her” Heart was in perfect union with His Heart — as if it had one single identity]. Under the left arm of the cross, large letters, as if of crystal clear water which ran down upon the altar, formed these words: Grace and Mercy.’
Lucy beheld the vision in silence, ‘I understood that it was the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity that was shown to me and I received lights about this mystery,’ she said later, ‘which I am not permitted to reveal [Can you imagine what those would be!].’ According to Lucy, the Blessed Virgin said, ‘The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father [at the time Pope Pius XI], in union with all the bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means. There are many souls whom the Justice of God condemns for sins committed against Me, that I have come to ask reparation: sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray.'”
Dr. Chojnowski: So this is an important day in the history of the Fatima Message and in the life of Sister Lucia dos Santos. Not only is she graced with a profoundly theological vision, which affirms all of the central tenets of the Catholic Faith and Religion, but the promise made to her on July 13, 1917 at Fatima, that She would return to ask for the Consecration of Russia, is fulfilled as promised. Just like her promise of the Miracle was fulfilled, at exactly the right time, on October 13, 1917. Pope Pius XI, most probably because he wanted to make a political and diplomatic arrangement with Soviet Russia through the Vatican’s mediator the Third French Republic, the request, although delivered, was NEVER, accomplished. Remember, in this apparition it was requested 1) that the Pope consecrated Russia, that 2) he do this with all of the Catholic bishops of the world, and 3) that following this act the First Saturdays would be proclaimed by the Pope as the means to repair the insult and offense given to the Blessed Virgin Mary, through rejection or neglect of the doctrines about her unique and greatest titles and characteristics that make her “blessed amongst all women.”
Obviously the Trinitarian, Eucharistic, and Marian Apparition at Tuy on June 13, 1929, was meant to unite the messages and the miracle given at Fatima to the most fundamental truths of the Catholic Faith. Where in here do you find the conversion to liberal democracy spoken of by the Imposter Sister Lucy during her interview with Carlos Evaristo in 1993? Where do you find the ecumenical apostasy concerning the nature of God and the way to salvation as this was promoted by the man, John Paul II, who was nearly worshipped by the Imposter Sister Lucy and who, conveniently made himself the topic of the Third Secret.
The real woman, who had miraculously seen portrayed the most profound and fundamental truths of the real Catholic faith, had to be really eliminated by those who wanted these politically and theologically incorrect teachings and realities to disappear from man’s mental horizons. Remember, also, how Cardinal Ratzinger tried to say that this vision was just Sister Lucy taking images and ideas from pious books of devotion. Face it, the real Fatima had to be gotten rid of and replaced with a fraud that fit perfectly with the apostasy of the Modernists who took over the Vatican. Why is this hard?

NEWS ITEM – There was only ONE Imposter Sister Lucy from her first appearance in 1967 to her death in 2005. Read the Report from Lois Gibson, a Guinness Book of World Records Forensic Artist. Here is OUR evidence, even though we have a lot more. Where is the scientific evidence from those who say there were a number of fake Sister Lucys?

Lois Gibson’s report here

Did Our Lady Predict, in 1920, the Constant Persecution and Final Demise of Sister Lucy of Fatima? It appears so. See article HERE

Dr. Chojnowski: Here is a basic chronological description of the life of Lucy dos Santos up until her sudden disappearance sometimes between 1957 and 1967. I would like to put special emphasis — as I did with my bolding of the text and capitalization — on the Prophecy that Our Lady made to Jacinta immediately before her death concerning her cousin Lucy. For all of the below, we follow the account given in the excellent text by Mark Fellows, Fatima in Twilight (Niagara Falls, Ontario: Marmion Publications, 2003).


The “Official” Image: A Perfect Representation of Deception: The Fraud was Intentional and Professional From the Beginning. All with “Ecclesiastical Authority”!

The “Official” Image: A Devious Gift That Keeps Giving
Sister Lucy Truth exclusively broke the reality that one of the most widely circulated, “officially” approved photographs of “Sister Lucy” and Paul VI in 1967 is, in fact, a fraud. This “Official” image is below:

INSERT: 1 – Official Image Lucia and Paul VI

We proved that this “Official” image could be traced all the way back to a June 13, 1967 publication of Voz De Fatima, the official mouthpiece of the Shrine of Fatima, thus refuting any argument that the image emanated from some “unofficial” source years later.
However, it is important to now focus in on precisely the level of deception at work with this Official image. Indeed, as we will prove below, this is not the case where a picture of “Lucia” was innocently cut out and placed next to Paul VI in collage fashion. No, it wasn’t that simple. The level of intent is far more calculating. As conclusively demonstrated below, the source image of the “Lucia” depicted in the “Official” photo was itself manipulated. Specifically, the eyes and a portion of the face were altered to fit the narrative. We will explain. First, it is critical to realize that what we will call the “Source” image used for the “Lucia” portion of the “Official” photo is the image below:

INSERT: 2 – Source Image Lucia Young- 1967

The problem with this photograph, however, is that the woman’s body is facing the wrong direction relative to the position necessary to render a believable Official image. Indeed, her body is facing left even though her eyes are looking right. To be used in the Official image, the woman in this Source photo would need to appear as though both her eyes and body were pointed out toward the cheering crowds at Fatima next to Paul VI. Simple fix, just flip the image, right? Wrong.

INSERT: 3 – Source Image Lucia Young Reversed

When the image is flipped (for a mirror image), the woman’s body now faces the “correct” direction—perfectly consistent with the “Official” image—but, problematically, the woman’s eyes now gaze the “wrong” way. How can this be corrected?
The only option is to manipulate the eyes so they too face the correct direction. Precisely how these eyes were manipulated—or even whose eye(s) were used—for the Official image is unknown. Could one of the eyes actually be from the real Lucia? What is known is that the position of the eyes on the Official image is impossible because they gaze in the same direction as the body faces when we know that in the Source image the body faces one direction and the eyes look in the opposite direction.  In analyzing how the eyes were specifically manipulated, two interesting items have emerged.
FIRST ANOMALY: The “Miracle” of the Eyebrow
In the Official image, “Sister Lucia’s” left eyebrow is unnaturally floating off of her face. This physical “miracle” will undoubtedly be cited in her forthcoming canonization along with her amazing ability to bi-locate (tri-locate?) as documented elsewhere on this site. This anomaly is difficult to detect with the naked eye on the Official image but it is apparent upon close forensic image analysis. Below are several important images: (i) a close up of the Official image, (ii) a close up of the face with the colors inverted (ala a negative image), and (iii) a magnified view of the face using publicly available forensic photo software. Anyone reading this article can download the Official image and view these anomalies for themselves:
The floating eyebrow is apparent even to the naked eye upon close inspection.

INSERT: 4 – Close Up Official Lucia Eyebrow

If the Official image is posted into a free photo editing software such as and Control+Shift+I is pressed, the following image emerges.
INSERT: 5 – Official Image Lucia Young_Inverted Color

Below is the face of “Lucia” from the Official image magnified using free forensic software, Forensically.

INSERT: 6 – Official Image Lucia Magnified

SECOND ANOMALY: Deliberately Aged Face and Protruding Eyelid
It is evident the Source image was intentionally manipulated to make the individual appear older. This can be most clearly observed by comparing the right eye of the Source image with the right eye of the Lucia depicted on the cover of a book published in 1975, Lucie Raconte Fatima. A comparison reveals that the image was added to or otherwise altered below her right eye because (a) there is a clear, unmistakable, unnatural protrusion of the lower right eyelid up into the eye, and (b) the crease below the right eye in the Official image with Paul VI and the Lucie Raconte Fatima image is nonexistent in the Source photo.  It is unclear whether the unnatural protrusion of the lower lid is evident in the “Official” image, but the eyes of that image had to undergo further manipulation to obtain the “correct” position as mentioned, above.
Lucie Raconte Fatima, 1975

INSERT: 7 – Lucie Raconte Fatima cover

Again, here is the Source image.

INSERT: 8 – Source Image Lucia close up

Close up of the Lucie Raconte Fatima cover photo
INSERT: 9 – Lucie Raconte Fatima close up_1
Below is another image of the Lucie Raconte Fatima book cover with a different resolution
INSERT: 10 – Lucie Raconte Fatima close up_2

Anomalies to the crease and lower eyelid clearly evident.

INSERT: 11 – Lucie Raconte Fatima close up_3

 Conclusion. The Official image is more than a cut and paste job. It represents specific, intentional manipulation to present the perfect image to fit a convenient narrative. Indeed, one official publication with “Ecclesiastical Approval”— Documents on Fatima & the Memoirs of Sister Lucia, pg. 79—ironically captioned the Official image with a curious quote from Bishop John Venancio (pictured to Paul VI’s right on the Official image). Venancio commented on the meaning of the Official image as follows: “This gesture of the Pope indicated, ‘What Sister Lucia stands for, I stand behind.’”
Since we know with certainty that the “Lucia” in the Official image was a carefully manipulated fraud, it appears Bishop Venancio’s words were truer than anyone realized: what Paul VI actually stood behind was an intentional deception.

anúncio -12/30/22-denunciantes portugueses procurados
por favor me ajude Irmã Lúcia dos Santos

entre em contato com
entre em contato com

Montini and the Mimic – From SLT FILMS

This film has English dialog – HERE

To watch with Portuguese subtitles for our friends in Portugal, Brazil and around the world go HERE

News Item – World-Class Handwriting Analyst Demonstrates that the Writings of “Sister Lucy” from after 1957 were Forgeries. Analysis of “Third Secret” Released by Vatican in 2000, Forged 1969 Letter Urging Obedience and Submission to Paul VI, Signatures on Letters from 1967 and 1969, Letter about Consecration of Russia From 1980, and Manuscript Released by Carmelites of Coimbra and Used as the Basis for Sister Lucy’s Official Biography Published by the Blue Army WERE ALL FORGERIES. Follow the Links to the Sworn Testimony Below.

New and Revised Analysis Comparing Known and Excepted Handwriting Samples form Sister Lucy to the Letter Written in November of 1969, in which complete obedience to Paul VI’s revolutionary actions in the Church is urged. Analyst certifies that the “Third Secret” (written in 1944) released by the Vatican IS consistent with the known Sister Lucy’s handwritings, leaving open the possibility of a “Fourth Secret.”
Sworn testimony and analysis of “Manuscript of Sister Lucy” which served as the basis, put forward as authentic by the Carmelites of Coimbra, for Sister Lucy’s official biography. This cleverly done forgery was published by the Blue Army.
                                 Scroll Down to Report #2
Signatures of Sister Lucy from the 1940s compared to those of documents in 1967 and 1969. Clever forgeries indicating that the Real Sister Lucy was gone from the scene by these years.
Scroll Down To Report #3
Current and completed Facial Recognition Reports, Forensic Artist’s Report, Plastic Surgeon’s Report, Handwriting Analysts report, and Orthodontist Report can Be located at:
Contributions to the Sister Lucy Truth fund for further research and investigations, can be made at:

Interview with Fr. Paul Kramer – Besides the proven forgeries, Fr. Paul Kramer stated that when he met and spoke with real sister Lucia’s older sister Carolina, she said that her sister never used a typewriter or computer but always wrote in longhand. – Listen HERE

Fr. Paul Kramer- “She told me another interesting fact. She said that whenever she would visit her sister Lucia, she was not allowed to speak with her privately.”
“She would sit with the other sisters at a distance so she couldn’t see close up who was this person.

Does Sister Lucy Truth have any Idea where the Imposter Sister Lucy is from? From the Reports of three Linguistic Analysts, the Imposter’s accent places her someplace in or near Viseu, Portugal, 100 miles north of Fatima.

Read the reports below that detail both an accent from an area far north of Fatima, but also, bizarre conversation coming from the Imposter Sister Lucy, which could not, by any stretch of the imagination, come from the real Sister Lucy dos Santos, only surviving seer of Fatima. If anyone in Viseu knows who this woman is, please let us know at

If there are any Producers/Directors interested in this project please contact Dr. Peter Chojnowski at:

Click image below to view the trailer.

News Item – According to this forensic math/facial recognition report prepared by Dr. Robert J. Bennett the chances of Lucy I being Lucy II are one in 13 million!

See video – HERE    Forensic Math Report – HERE

(Robert J. Bennett, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in General Relativity from Stevens Institute of Technology. He served as a physics instructor at Manhattan College and Bergen Community College from 1967-1983, and is presently doing private tutoring in physics and mathematics. He has served as a consultant for the entire Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right project.)

News ItemAnother Priest from the U.S. and two Nuns from Fatima acknowledge the Imposter LucyHere

Here is a complete video presentation of our first, and so far only, in-person presentation of the results of the Sister Lucy Truth investigation that began in 2017 and continues to this very day. After listening to this and viewing all of our so-far-published information at, please tell us if we have not at least shown you that there is need for an investigation into the case of Sister Lucy dos Santos, the famous Seer of Fatima.

As was even clear 3 years ago, but has become clearer over the past months, when we are dealing with the case of Sister Lucy dos Santos, the actual seer of Fatima, who predicted and witnessed the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917, we find that we are clearly and undeniably dealing with a case of stolen identity that could be the result of murder, kidnapping, or illicit confinement. The overwhelming evidence backing up that assertion, plus the total lack of real scientific evidence that would argue the contrary, has been presented by Sister Lucy Truth in the public forum, accessible on-line at

Based upon the findings present in these reports we have found that there was an imposter substituted for the real Sister Lucy of Fatima at least by the date of May 13, 1967 when the Imposter appeared along side Paul VI when the latter was making an obligatory trip to Fatima to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first apparition. The woman that appeared on that day has been scientifically identified as the same woman that appeared as “Sister Lucy” in 1982 when John Paul II, after the assassination attempt against him on May 13, 1981, “visited” “Sister Lucy” in his attempt to associate his recovery with the Fatima Apparitions and, seemingly, to prepare the ground for the claim that the Third Secret, given in 1917 was actually about the assassination attempt against him in 1981, even though, according to Sister Lucy, the Secret was supposed to be released by 1960 because by that year, the content of the Secret would be “clearer.” In light of the scientific findings in this case, we at Sister Lucy Truth assert that this first visit to the Imposter in 1982 was the first stage of an attempt to hijack the Third Secret for John Paul II’s own Neo-Modernist ends. Suddenly, by 2000 HE WAS THE HERO AND MEANING OF THE THIRD SECRET. We are convinced that this could only have happened if there was an imposter which long before had taken the place of Sister Lucy of Fatima.

Now Sister Lucy Truth moves its investigation on to answering the questions, why it was done, how it was done, when it was done, who did it, and who was the substitute put in the place of the real Sister Lucy of Fatima. We will also seek the DNA proof that will render our case irrefutable. -Dr. Peter Chojnowski
Please support us by donating at

Those who dismiss the forensic reports, (over a dozen), usually come back with this objection. VIDEO – HERE

Objection #10. Wouldn’t Sr. Lucy’s family or relatives or the nuns of her convent have known that she was an imposter?
Firstly, we don’t know what Sr. Lucy’s family, relatives, or nuns “knew” about her, and barring the revelation of some unknown confession, we may never know. However, there are some truths we do know. The scientific and medical evidence we have is irrefutable. All the logistical difficulties of how an imposter could be introduced are secondary details that remain to be discovered. However, we know that the relatives were never allowed to see Sr. Lucy face-to-face but always behind the grille and in the presence of other sisters of the community. Hence there was no opportunity for intimate or in-depth conversation.

If it is true that the Church replaced Sr. Lucy with an imposter, if it is possible that the Church was overrun by Communists and Freemasons, is it not also reasonable to believe that these thugs acting in the name of the Church exerted pressure on Sr. Lucy’s relatives to remain silent and pretend as if nothing were happening? This isn’t proof that there was an imposter. It is simply stating that we should not be surprised that a cover up would involve tying up the loose ends with whatever threats or means necessary.

Sister Lucy Truth: The Fraud of the Centuries Uncovered

In 2017, a little known academic, Dr. Peter Chojnowski, after spending several years puzzling over the dissimilarity between photos of the early Sister Lucy and the Sister Lucy of 1967 and beyond, founded Sister Lucy Truth, an organization dedicated to a complete identification of Sister Lucy of Fatima. This project is a scientific attempt to determine whether there was a substitute who replaced a murdered or “disappeared” Sister Lucy of Fatima. After over 3 years of submitting all of the relevant photographic, video, and handwriting evidence to experts at the top of their professions, the conclusion has been a decisive one: SISTER LUCY II (1967-2005) IS AN IMPOSTER. The religious fraud of the centuries is now glaring in the face of an unknowing world. The facts point to one conclusion:

Sister Lucy of Fatima, the Seer of the Virgin, was eliminated after 1958 and another woman was put in her place to act from then on as “Sister Lucy of Fatima.” Who were the dark forces that brought this crime about? Who will investigate what happened to the real Sister Lucy? Who was this woman who was put in her place? What were the intrigues in Church and State which required that Sister Lucy dos Santos, the Sole Surviving Seer of the Apparitions of Fatima, DISAPPEAR FOREVER AND BE REPLACED BY ONE WHO WOULD NOT INTERFERE WITH THE AGENDA OF THE HIGHEST OFFICIALS IN THE VATICAN.


This calls for a movie to break the story to a world that will soon, in the cinema, hear about the Story of Fatima again. It is, however, a story more fascinating and terrifying than anyone could ever have guessed. Contact Dr. Chojnowski here:


Interviews – Dr. Chojnowski is available for interviews – Please contact here: or here

The Impostor’s Fake Prophecy of 2008 – Video HERE

From Dr. Chojnowski – Any message from “Sister Lucy” after December 26, 1957 is fraudulent since we have scientifically and mathematically proven that the woman who appeared as “Sister Lucia of Fatima” was an imposter. We still assume that such a minor point matters! The central issues are not “family,” vaguely defined. Indeed, the family is only collapsing into meaninglessness and perversion BECAUSE Catholic doctrine was “changed” due to Vatican II and these errors were spread by the “hierarchy” that came out of that 60s era. The central battles between God and Lucifer have to do with: the very objectivity of truth, the very idea that the mind is meant to conform to the created order, the existence of sanctifying grace that raises the human soul to the supernatural level of the divine life; the validity of the sacraments of the Catholic Church, the validity of the Mass which is the chief source of grace to the world, the validity of the Orders of the Church that are the necessary conduits of sanctifying grace, the identity of the Catholic Church as the ONLY vessel of salvation for the world, the fact that it is due to the possession of sanctifying grace in our soul that we are able to avoid the fires of Hell for all eternity.

Besides the proven forgeries, Fr. Paul Kramer stated that when he met and spoke with real sister Lucia’s older sister Carolina, she said that her sister never used a typewriter or computer but always wrote in longhand. – Listen HERE

Image below shows the Impostor using a typewriter. Handwriting analysis HERE

Forensic Artist and Sculptor Carlos Bezerra collaborates with SLT on this project. – HERE

Com a colaboração do site Sister Lucy Truth divulgamos o relatório da perita forense Lois Gibson. Aumentam as evidências científicas da fraude.

The Global Reach of the Fatima Investigation and SLT is increasing. – New video from Brazil – HERE

New Polish Article Wywiady z fałszywą s. Łucją – analiza sprzeczności – HERE

Video “Justice for Sister Lucy” For our Italian speaking friends around the world. – HERE

What are the 1992-1993 interviews? – HERE

SLT video “Contradictions” – HERE

Added today – 12/16/2022 – The John-Henry Westen interview with Dr. Chojnowski Podcast. Listen to the program HERE

Fatima Fraud – Most questions asked of SLT and the Fatima Investigation are answered HERE
One of the most asked question is answered here by Dr. Chojnowski.

From the document, Fatima Fraud: Our Case for an Impostor Sister Lucy – P.29

Q) Wouldn’t Sr. Lucy’s family or relatives or the nuns of her convent have known that
she was an impostor?
A) Firstly, we don’t know what Sr. Lucy’s family, relatives, or nuns “knew” about her, and
barring the revelation of some unknown confession, we may never know. However, there are
some truths we do know. The scientific and medical evidence we have is irrefutable. All the
logistical difficulties of how an impostor could be introduced are secondary details that remain
to be discovered. However, we know that the relatives were never allowed to see Sr. Lucy
face-to-face but always behind the grille and in the presence of other sisters of the community.
Hence there was no opportunity for intimate or in-depth conversation.
If it is true that the Church replaced Sr. Lucy with an impostor, if it is possible that the
Church was overrun by Communists and Freemasons, is it not also reasonable to believe that
these thugs acting in the name of the Church exerted pressure on Sr. Lucy’s relatives to remain
silent and pretend as if nothing were happening? This isn’t proof that there was an impostor. It
is simply stating that we should not be surprised that a cover up would involve tying up the loose
ends with whatever threats or means necessary. -END

Please print or pass on this PDF to all those who have questions. Also, all the forensic report are compiled HERE

News Item –12/11/2022- Fr. David Hewko SSPX-MC preaches about the Imposter Sister Lucy. He also says that

through his contacts in Coimbra, he has heard that the “word on the street” is that Sister Lucy
was eliminated in 1965 and an Imposter put in her place. – HERE

Interview -12/5/2022  LifesiteNews – NEW Forensic Files expose FAKE Sr. Lucy of Fatima? HERE

Listen to the program on the LifesiteNews Podcast HERE

Interview – 12/3/2022 – Dr. Chojnowski is interviewed by ‘Return to Tradition’ – HERE
Full interview – HERE
News Item – It’s not a TOTAL news blackout!
Who are the Catholic media personalities that have gone on record stating there was an Impostor Lucy? – HERE
What is Fatima? An overview – HERE
The link is from our media site
Announcement- New Polish section. – Videos and Polish website – HERE
Our latest film projectForensic Art from Professor Bezerra of Brazil – HERE
Fide Post– French Website interviewed Dr. Chojnowski last year. – HERE
Fide Post Article – Their verdict is final: the “Sister Lucia” who was put forward from the end of the 1960s by the conciliar authorities is
quite simply not the same person as the real Sister Lucia Dos Santos, the little seer of Fatima, who became a Carmelite nun in Coimbra, Portugal. – HERE
Announcement – Visit the SLT YouTube channel – HERE
Announcement from Dr. Chojnowski
Sister Lucy Truth reaches out to the world with our website’s new capability of having our site translated into 104 different languages. This includes a translation for all of the reports and all of the published statements of Sister Lucy Truth. No one can now claim ignorance as to the facts of the substitution of Sister Lucy dos Santos, Seer of Fatima. Benedict XVI can now read our website in German, Italian, and even Latin! No excuses. The time for invincible ignorance is definitely over!
Announcement from Sister Lucy Truth concerning the “Consecration of Russia” planned by Francis I on March 25, 2022:
It is not the mission of Sister Lucy Truth to make a judgment on the Consecration of Russia as was asked for in 1917 and 1929. Our mission is to investigate the life and identity of Sister Lucy dos Santos of Fatima. This mission has been expanded now that we have conclusive proof that the woman who appeared with Paul VI on May 13, 1967 was not actually Sister Lucy of Fatima, but an imposter. This proof has caused us to widen our investigation into an attempt to investigate the disappearance of the real Sister Lucy herself and the identity of the imposter.
Vatican’s statement about the “Consecration of Russia” is an Implicit Official Recognition that the woman who claimed that “The Consecration was done,” was an imposter and liar. This is as close as the Vatican has come to recognizing the truth of what Sister Lucy Truth has found.