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Forensic Art

Sister Lucy Truth consulted Lois Gibson, one of the world’s foremost forensic artists who holds the 2017 Guinness World Record for most identifications by a forensic artist. According to a 2012 ABC News story, she has helped Houston’s police force solve 1,266 crimes with her forensic work. Mrs. Gibson has provided Sister Lucy Truth with three separate comparison reports that, from a forensic standpoint, conclusively indicate the existence two separate Sister Lucys.

In a private correspondence, she wrote that in her professional opinion even one of these reports would be sufficient for complete confirmation of the existence of two individuals:

Email from Lois Gibson

On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 7:09 PM LOIS GIBSON <email redacted> wrote:

[…] Now, to me even one of these is complete confirmation. […]

I could have done many more, but sometimes less is more. Any one of the three is conclusive so I sense this is totally convincing. […]

All my best,



Our Lady of Fatima Nun Comparison One

There is no perfect comparison between the same individual in separate photos. However, it is possible to know when the individuals in different photos are NOT the same. Due to the various completely different facial structures of individual A compared to B, it is impossible these are the same woman.

1. The foreheads show much different underlying frontal bones. The superciliary arch of B protrudes forward much more than A.

2. The noses are a different shape with B having a larger, rounder, and more downward angled tip which cannot be explained by cartilage growth.

3. The philtrum (distance from the top of the nose to the top edge of the top lip) is longer on A than B. The lips on A are thicker and narrower on the horizontal plane than B, with A’s bottom lip protruding forward much more than B. Dentures, should they be involved, would replicate the pre-existing dentition and thus not cause such a drastic difference*.

4. The horizontal mental indention below the bottom lip, is wider on the vertical plane on A and indents deeper below the bottom lip on A than on B.

5. The mental protuberance of B projects forward to a drastic extent far different from the mental protuberance of A which recedes below the bottom lip. There is no plastic surgery that could accomplish this, nor would it be offered or desired.

* This author attended dental school and constructed dentures at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio 1977–1978.

Our Lady of Fatima Nun Comparison Two

1. The nasal bone of A is narrower than B. This causes the eyebrow hair growth to occur closer together in the horizontal center of the superciliary arch of A compared to the wider-apart eyebrows of B.

2. The eyes are closer together due to 1. above.

3. The bottom third of the nose is narrower in A compared to B. The nostril holes of A are rounder, more visible when viewed frontally and those holes are closer together on A than on B. The nasal holes of A are a different shape than the nasal holes of B.

4. A’s philtrum (the distance from the bottom of the nose to the top edge of the top lip) is longer than B’s philtrum.

5. The lips of A are narrower on the horizontal plane than B. The top lip of A is wider on the vertical plane than B’s top lip. The bottom lip of A is thicker on the vertical plane and protrudes further forward beyond the horizontal indention below the lips compared to B.

Our Lady of Fatima Nun Comparison Three

A and B are shown at a much different age in this photo comparison. Even taking that age difference into consideration, the drastic lighting shows that B’s mental protuberance of her mandible is larger and thrusts much farther forward from her facial plane than A. The aging process would cause the mandible to shrink, not grow larger. Said more simply, the chins of A and B have a drastically different shape. This drastic difference in the mandible area shows these cannot be the same individual. There is no plastic surgery that would make A’s chin look like B’s chin. Differences described in 1 through 5 in Our Lady of Fatima Nun Comparison Two also hold true in the above individuals even considering the large age difference and the presence of glasses on B. It must be noted this writer has successfully reconstructed faces with only the skulls of unidentified murder victims, and has written a textbook about this subject (Forensic Art Essentials, 2007).

Below are renditions by Lois Gibson of what the real Sister Lucia may have looked like when at the ages of 60 and 80, respectively, based on the photographic evidence of the younger Lucia.

Sr. Lucy Age 60

Sr. Lucy Age 80

Post-1967 Sr. Lucy as she appeared in 1967 at the age of 60

Post-1967 Sr. Lucy as She Appeared in 1991 Near the Age of 84

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