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Dr. Bennett Facial Recognition Report

We all have the natural God-given ability to recognize faces, a social necessity.
This recall capability is hidden internally, in our fuzzy memory of faces and not
subject to any objective external review.

But facial recognition from surveillance video, along with automated processing of
facial characteristics, allows modern software to measure, analyze and identify faces in a crowd in
real time, with high probability of success. Unlike our own visual process, automated recognition
techniques follow a known and accepted set of statistical rules. So they are objective,
reviewable and repeatable by anyone…consistent with the quantitative knowledge and sharing
of evidence required by the scientific method.

What follows is a forensic application of the same professional statistical methods
of facial recognition to two sets of photos that purport to be of the same person….the only
difference being the report computations were done manually.


View PDF of report here:

Dr. Bennett Facial Recognition Report

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