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Facial Math Measurements

Sister Lucy Truth sought to confirm some of the visual findings offered by experts including Dr. Garcia, the board-certified plastic surgeon, Lois Gibson, the expert forensic artist, and facial recognition specialists. These visual findings included the claims that

(a) Lucy I’s philtrum (base of nose to top of upper lip) was longer than Lucy II’s philtrum,

(b) Lucy II had a wider nose,

(c) Lucy II’s eyebrows are farther away from her eyes than Lucy I, and

(d) Lucy I’s left eyebrow is arched relative to her right brow, a feature not observed in Lucy II.

All of these findings were confirmed by careful mathematical measurements with the help of an independent prosthodontist.


Ratios comparing anatomical landmarks on an individual’s face should remain constant despite an individual appearing in different sizes in certain photographs. For example, dental professionals, such as prosthodontists, use old photographs of a patient to help establish the size of a patient’s missing tooth. Old photographs allow for the dentist to establish a mathematical ratio between a tooth and other anatomical landmarks on the patient’s face as depicted in the photograph. These ratios are then applied to the live patient’s face to deduce the size of a missing tooth.

With the help of a prosthodontist, Sister Lucy Truth applied these measurement principles to a collection of full face photographs of the known Lucy I and the impostor Lucy II. The data below shows various ratios documented using different anatomical features of the face.

Facial measurements demonstrate that pre-1967 Lucy is not the same woman who was presented in 1967 and thereafter because they have different
(a) philtrum lengths
(b) nose widths, and
(c) eyebrow/eye distances.

Key Finding 1

Philtrum: Lucy I’s Philtrum is Longer Than Lucy II’s Philtrum and Therefore Inconsistent with Aging Process

Philtrum length gets longer with age, not shorter. Lucy II has a shorter philtrum than Lucy I—an inconsistent finding which is also totally at odds with the known aging process.

Table 1. Philtrum Ratios.

Key Finding 2

Nose: Lucy I’s Nose is Narrower Than Lucy II’s Nose

Nose width does not change with aging. The nose/mouth ratios are substantially different between the two Sister Lucys.

Key Finding 3

Eyebrows: Distance Between Brow and Eye Differ

Eyebrows droop with age or, at most, stay in relatively the same position. Lucy I’s eyebrows are closer to her eyes compared to the older Lucy II, findings at odds with the aging process. Stated differently, the older Lucy II’s eyebrows should be closer to her eye than Lucy I, but in fact, Lucy II’s eyebrows are a greater distance away.

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