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Animetrics Facial Analysis Report

Sister Lucy Truth hired Animetrics to conduct a facial analysis based on extensive photographic records. Animetrics, a leading developer in advanced facial recognition technology for the military, intelligence, and law enforcement, made use of ForensicaGPS to process the images.

We note here for clarification that in most reports already conducted and still forthcoming, we have divided photographic evidence of the two Sister Lucys into four groups: Subject A, B, C, and D as seen in our photo galleries. However, the Subject A that the Animetrics report refers to corresponds with Subject B in our photo gallery (i.e., images of Sr. Lucy between the ages of 20–40), and Subject B in the report corresponds with Subject C in our gallery (i.e., Sr. Lucy at her 1967 appearance).

After the Boston Marathon bombing, ForensicaGPS was successfully able to analyze low-resolution camera stills of the Tsarnaev brothers and identify them, when, by contrast, the recognition system used by the investigators failed to do so.



Analysis Summary

Facial analysis strongly suggests that SubjectA and SubjectB are photographs from two different individuals.

Anthropometric Summary

Nose length and philtrum lengths differ. Eyebrow shapes inconsistent. Inner eye width, nose width and mouth width are similar.

Morphological Notes

Eyebrows: SubjectA appears to have asymmetrical eyebrows not evident in
SubjectB. SubjectA’s right eyebrow appears straighter than the arched left
eyebrow. Whereas SubjectB displays symmetrical eyebrow shape.

Mouth: SubjectA’s lip corners appear to turn downward. Whereas, SubjectB lip
corners are straight.

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