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The Contradictions

The Problem In Need of An Explanation

The life of Sr. Lucy and the catastrophic changes in the Church over the course of the 20th century give rise to a problem that demands an explanation.

  • How do we account for the complete change in Sr. Lucy after 1960?
  • How do we account for the behavior of the Vatican and Church hierarchy remaining completely silent on the Third Secret for 40 years and promoting a propaganda campaign to create an entirely new understanding of Fatima, the understanding introduced by modernists and liberals, that waters it down into insignificance?
  • How do we account for “Sr. Lucy’s” complete support of this propaganda as well as her requests for complete and blind submission to the postconciliar Popes when before 1960 she did not hesitate to repeat how the preconciliar Popes had failed to heed to Our Lady’s requests and how displeasing this was to Our Lord, Our Lady, and herself?
  • More specifically, how do we account for the dramatic changes in Sr. Lucy’s behavior, in her appearance, and even in her handwriting?

These pages will document and highlight the contradictions in the post-1967 Sr. Lucy’s words and behavior. The best explanation for these contradictions is that the true seer of Fatima was replaced by an imposter speaking and acting in her name. In fact, these contradictions only serve to make the case for an imposter Sr. Lucy more compelling.

In addition to documenting the imposter Sr. Lucy’s contradictions, we believe it is important to document the major facets of the Vatican’s propaganda to water down the Fatima message since the 1960s. This long process of dilution is the context for the imposter Sr. Lucy, whose words agreed with the Vatican message and asked for unquestioning obedience to the postconciliar authorities.

The scientific and medical evidence for an imposter Sr. Lucy is published under the Evidence section of this website.

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