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Facial Analysis Reports

Sister Lucy Truth has hired the world’s leading experts in facial recognition research and technology as well as the abilities of scientifically recognized “super-recognizers.” The evidence is in and overwhelmingly supports the historical fact that Sr. Lucy was replaced by an imposter.

View the reports below

Animetrics Facial Analysis Report: Animetrics is a leading developer in advanced facial recognition technology for the military, intelligence, and law enforcement.

iPRoBe Facial Recognition Report: iPRoBe Lab at Michigan State University is headed by Dr. Arun Ross, an established leader in biometrics.

Super-Recognizer Report: Ms. Dragica Brayovic is a facial “super-recognizer,” who possesses a superior capacity to process and analyze facial identities and features.

Facial Math Measurements: These mathematical measurements were conducted with the help of a prosthodontist and confirm three key findings established by our commissioned plastic surgeon, forensic artist, and facial experts.